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Thyroid Therapy

Dr. Lockhart can help you restore and maintain your

thyroid balance.


Follow a balanced eating plan. The foods you eat have a profound impact on your thyroid gland. Keep your thyroid healthy and keep yourself free from fatigue by following a few simple guidelines:

• Avoid gluten.

• Eat adequate protein at every meal.

• Eat foods rich in selenium and iodine.

• Avoid foods containing soy, or eat soy only in moderation. Check food labels carefully, as soy derivatives are found in a number of foods we eat every day.

• When eating cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, turnips or brussels sprouts, always steam or cook them.

• Eliminate all "white processed food,” such as refined sugar, flour, rice, and grains. In most cases, if it comes in a box, it is not good for you.


Optimize your nutritional intake. Even the healthiest diet cannot supply the complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients needed for optimal thyroid balance. Take a full-spectrum, medical-grade multivitamin and mineral supplement that is tailored to support your thyroid gland every day.


Support your thyroid with nutritional supplements. Adaptogenic herbs work with the body to encourage adequate production and utilization of thyroid hormones. While many nutrients and herbs—including iodine, selenium, ashwagandha, bacopa and sage—help the body manage the adverse impact of fluctuations in thyroid hormones.


Do a mild exercise program. Every woman needs exercise to keep her body healthy. Finding a gentle exercise regimen can facilitate thyroid healing. But when you are fatigued and your thyroid hormones aren't balanced, be careful to not overdo the exercise. Like much diet, variety is key.


Keep a positive outlook. Keep an ongoing diary of positive, good things in your life. This should be an ongoing positive practice. Stress wreaks havoc on your adrenal health, and this in turn can have a negative impact on your thyroid health. Maximizing emotional wellness plays an important part in maintaining overall hormonal balance.


Practice decreasing your stress. Mild exercise, breathing exercises, Yoga, meditation, or conscious relaxation can all help you better manage the stress of life.


Review the questionnaire. Download a pdf, fill out and bring to your appointment.

Low thyroid questionnaire:


Score yourself 0-5.

Score 0 not an issue

           1 occasional issue

           2 semi regular issue

           3 frequent issue

           4 constant problem

           5 severe problem


__  Fatigue                                                                            

__  Digestive issues

__  Unexplained weight gain                                              

__  Brittle hair                                                                       

__  Eyes feel dry or irritated

__  Swelling (face, tongue, extremity, etc)                        

__  Yeast infections

__  Hair loss                                                                          

__  Some level of depression

__  Brittle nails                                                                      

__  Eyes are sensitive to light

__  Low body temp                                                                

__  Shortness of Breath

__  Brain fog                                                                           

__  Intermittent or constant constipation

__  Dry skin                                                                           

__  I feel lightheaded or fuzzy

__  Joint & muscle pain                                                          

__  Low sex drive

__  Headaches                                                                      

__  Allergies

__  Bruising                                                                           

__  Tingling


Zero to 18 unlike a thyroid issue

19-28 mild decrease in thyroid function

29-36 moderate thyroid trouble

37 +  severe thyroid problem.


Mild decrease in thyroid function

You are giving your body some support, but not the level of support it needs for healthy thyroid function. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to provide the extra support you need.


Moderate to severe thyroid dysfunction

If you are like most women with a similar total thyroid burden, your daily life is being affected by your symptoms and you are ready for a change. The good news is, changes in diet, nutritional support, gentle exercise and emotional wellness can rebalance your thyroid and reduce your symptoms.



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