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Success Stories

Dr. Lockhart is proud of his reputation in serving others. But more importantly, he is glad for the chance to truly help his patients. See their stories for yourself.

Auto Accident


"Dr. Lockhart is an outstanding chiropractor. 


I first started seeing him after a car accident in 2011.  I have to say I was a little skeptical of chiropractors in general before my experience with Dr. Lockhart.  After my first appointment that skepticism went away and it turned into complete appreciation for the relief he was able to provide my neck, shoulders and back where treatment was needed.  He is gentle yet very effective when it comes to adjustments, perfect really.  Dr. Lockhart is very knowledgeable, professional and talented at his craft.  He truly cares about the overall health of his patients and has always been excellent at taking the time to listen to my needs, answer my questions and tailor treatment to exactly what is appropriate for me.   I am so grateful for him and to be completely honest, there was a time when I did not know what I would have done without his assistance.  I highly recommend his treatment to anyone in search of optimal healing and feeling their personal best."


 -Michelle R.

Chiropractic Care


Dr Barry Lockhart is a doctor of healing hands.  He spends quality time with each patient and truly cares about their well-being and quality of life.  Chiropractic is not just for the spine as some may think.  If a patient has symptoms or issues, he researches to get answers for their problem and give them solutions.  He has a deep understanding for how the body is made and works.  His gentle spirit and listening ear has made him a vital part of my family’s health.  By sharing our aches, pains, and medical symptoms, Dr Barry treats my family’s complete body.  We have been able to receive treatment and knowledge of our body and use a more natural healing process without the use of medications.   
I am so thankful that we have him in our lives as a consistency in medical treatment.  He knows our bodies, individual issues, and which treatment works best for each one

of us.   


-Molly R.

20 years of Chiropractic Care


I have been going to Dr. Lockhart for all my chiropractic needs for over 20 years.   
I highly recommend Dr. Lockhart for his professionalism, skill, knowledge, education and caring attitude toward his patients’ health and welfare. 
-Stephanie B.


Lower Back Pain


My first visit to Dr. Lockhart was in 2001 for a severe lower back pain. My relief was noticeable immediately, and by the next day, I was completely without pain. Since then I have received treatment once a month for maintenance, except for two other times when I was in dire pain for separate issues. He took special care for my circumstances and was able to treat me differently but with the same positive results. Dr. Lockhart is a top-notch chiropractor and a stand-up guy as well. I have complete confidence in his ability to "fix" me as he has never failed. I have referred him to numerous people, who have had nothing but praise for him.


-Pam M.

Chiropractic Care


Dr. Lockhart
I wanted to thank you for the care I have received over the past four and half years. I always feel better after a visit.
-Mark G.

B12 Shots


Dr. Lockhart
Getting B12 shots have really improved my health and energy. When I am not feeling up to par I usually get an adjustment and a B12 shot. That seems to do the trick and I am up and running in no time. Thank you Dr Lockhart
-Jan B.

Vitamin C IV's


Dr. Lockhart I appreciate your and your Vitamin C IV's. I see the benefits very quickly. As you know I struggle every winter with a cold or some allergy issue that then turns into some type of infection. Year after year I have found that the antibiotics don't work as quickly as the Vitamin C IV's. I have at times waited for weeks even a month to make the decision to come in thinking that it will go away on it's own. I find that the Vitamin C IV's turn the symptoms around and I feel better within two days.


I am very thankful for you, your patiences and kindness.
-Betty C.

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