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Help improve your health with Vitamin C IV's!

Safe and effective for over 70 years.

Having been prescribed since the early 1940’s, Vitamin C IVs are extremely effective for boosting the immune system in conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Shingles, Chronic Fatigue, along with helping the body overcome many other health conditions.

The only difference between the Vitamin C IV and the Myers’ Cocktail is that the Myers contains additional vitamins and minerals. Depending on your needs, Dr. Lockhart will recommend some form of the Myers’ Cocktail.

A healthy diet isn’t enough.

While some people believe that you will get the same effects from eating healthy, that’s simply not true anymore. Most of us don’t eat well enough, and the foods we eat today do not have the same nutrients they once had. What’s more, many people’s digestive systems are unhealthy, and can struggle to absorb the necessary nutrients.

This is where the IVs add such tremendous benefit. IVs bypass the digestive system completely, allowing for 90-95% absorption. There is no way to absorb the quality and quantity of nutrients you can get in an IV in supplements alone.

For each IV treatment, you’ll be able to enjoy the quiet and comfort of a private room with a recliner and bay window. To learn how a Vitamin C IV can improve your health, call for your consultation today.

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