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Plantar Fascitis/Foot Pain

There are many options to help with the pain.


More and more people are suffering from feet problems, usually caused by hereditary issues, poor shoes, injuries or weight gain. The good news is that you have plenty of treatment options.


Dr. Lockhart usually starts with home exercises. These are easy and take very little time, but consistency is the key. He may also prescribe over-the-counter orthotics, such as Sole or Superfeet, to go with your exercises. These are comfortable, inexpensive and easy to use, while providing a gradual change. The next step would be custom orthotics.


Surgery is an option, but usually as a last resort. Other excellent treatment options provided by Dr. Lockhart include restoring proper motion and improving alignment through feet adjustments, as well as very soothing therapeutic ultrasounds.


To learn which treatment option is best for you, call today for a personal consultation 918.729.8888.

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