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B12 Shots

Tired of being tired? We can help.


If you’re waking up tired, too tired to help the kids, or you don’t have the energy to get done everything you need to do, B12 shots may be the answer for you.


Why would I be B12 deficient?

There are several reasons you may be struggling with symptoms. B12 deficiency can be caused by poor digestion, medications, poor diet, toxins such as cigarettes, intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s or Celiac, bacterial growth in the small intestine or parasites, vegan diet and low intrinsic factor.


How B12 shots can help.

B12 improves your energy and boosts your immune system. B12 is necessary for the proper formation of red blood cells, helps tissue grow, protects the nervous system, and reduces the risk of some strokes or heart attacks.


B12 shots are the best way to restore B12 back to your body. You can only absorb 30-40% of the nutrients you digest normally. But with B12 injections, you totally bypass the digestive system, so your body can absorb 90-95%.


See if B12 can help you. Test yourself today.


Call today to start improving your health and energy.

Why are your injections better?

There are three forms of injectable B12, Cyanocobalamin (which is ok), Hydroxocobalamin (which is good) and Methylcobalamin (everyone would agree is the best). Dr Lockhart only uses Methylcobalamin in his injections.

Call Dr. Lockhart today so you can get back to feeling good again.


Self Test:


Score yourself by either 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4:  

(score 0- this does not apply to me, 1- applies to me occasionally

2 - applies to me some, 3 - applies to a lot   4 - I am off the chart )


__  Low energy

__  Tired

__  Difficult in getting up in the morning

__  Needing to take naps or feel the need

__  Low stamina

__  Nerve pain

__  Tingling or numbness that may or may not move around the body

__  Being Sick frequently

__  Anemic on blood work

__  Cracks on the corners of the mouth

__  Mood swings

__  Fatigue

__  Stress

__  Adrenal fatigue

__  Bloating

__  Shortness of breath

__  Difficulty concentrating

__  Ringing in the ears that come and go


Where do you stand?

                  15-24             mild deficiency

                  25-33             moderate deficiency

                  Great than 34 severe deficiency


Possible reason for being B deficiency: Check off below what applies to you.


__  Chronic Anemia

__  Some Prescriptive Medications

__  Over the counter Medications

__  History of Poor digestion

__  Chronic Fatigue

__  Fibromyalgia

__  Family history

__  Smoking

__  Alcohol

__  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

__  Celiac disease

__  Crohn’s disease

__  Around environmental toxins

__  History of parasites

__  Frequent overseas travel


1-4 mild risk

5-9 moderate risk

10-15 high risk


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